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If you or a loved one has been arrested or is about to be arrested, you must immediately contact a reputable Brooklyn criminal defense attorney. The NYPD understands that the sooner they get a confession, obtain a positive identification, and "lock-in" witness testimony, the more difficult it will be for a defendant to avoid a conviction. At the Law Office of Wilson Antonio LaFaurie, we know how to act fast in protecting each client’s rights and future.

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The arraignment and bail process is a crucial part of any criminal case. The outcome will determine whether you can go home after your court appearance or be forced to sit in jail for weeks while your case works its way through the court system. It is essential to be represented by an experienced lawyer.

The Importance of Calling an Attorney Right Away

If you think you are facing arrest, you should contact an arraignment attorney before the arrest takes place. Taking a proactive approach may allow you to turn yourself in and arrange bail at the same time, helping you avoid jail and other unplanned consequences. You can avoid the embarrassment of having police show up at your home or place of work to arrest you. You could be in and out of court before your co-workers and neighbors even know you were arrested.

The factors that the judge will consider at arraignments are the following:

  • Bail and recommended for release
  • Family/friends appear in court
  • Employed/school history
  • U.S. citizen
  • Voluntarily surrender with an attorney
  • Long-time resident of New York State
  • Proof of home or apartment

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Qualities that define excellence

  • Personal Attention to Each Case
    Attorney LaFaurie delivers a depth of experience, an undeniable court reputation and a vision for victory.
  • Experienced Trial Attorney
    It has always been the firms position that the best plea bargain only occurs with the best criminal trial lawyer.
  • Effective Advocacy With Proven Results
    From DWI to murder cases, the Law Offices of Wilson Antonio LaFaurie has served the community for over 27 years.
  • Unwavering Dedication
    Even when the evidence is damaging against you, attorney LaFaurie discovers the prevailing road to travel.
"The criminal justice system is too far often used to keep men oppressed" - Wilson Antonio lafaurie

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