Brooklyn Grand Jury Indictment Lawyer

In New York, a grand jury is a jury of lay people who determine whether there is enough evidence to bind someone over for a criminal trial. As someone who has been accused of a felony crime in New York, you have a right to appear before the grand jury and fight the charges. Many criminal defense lawyers waive that right, but I think that is a mistake.

I am criminal defense attorney Wilson LaFaurie. As a former prosecutor, I conducted more than 2,000 grand jury presentations. I know what type of evidence is presented before grand juries and what experts you will need for your defense. From my law office in Brooklyn, I represent clients at grand jury indictments throughout the New York City area. In the last 20 years I have had robberies, assaults, drug charges, DWI, domestic violence and even murder cases dismissed by the grand juries.

Your Chance to Fight Criminal Charges

As your attorney at a grand jury indictment, I will fight the charges like a trial. If we can convince the grand jury not to bind you over for a criminal trial, you can walk away from the charges.

Since a grand jury is composed of lay people, not judges and lawyers, I think they are less skewed against the defendant than prosecutors. Almost a twenty percent of all grand jury indictments in New York are dismissed.

The grand jury indictment is a crucial part of your case in which you can be victorious. You don't need to persuade every juror to have your case dismissed. New York grand juries are composed of 16 to 20 jurors, and if you can convince four or five jurors to agree with you, your case can be dismissed. Even if you lose at the grand jury, you still have an opportunity to negotiate a plea or take your case to trial.

The grand jury indictment is a stage that should not be by-passed. If I request for a client to appear before the grand jury, then by law the district attorney cannot oppose this fundamental right. Additionally, you are entitled pursuant to CPL section 190.50 to have the grand jury consider your evidence and your witnesses. I have also witnessed the district attorney more amenable to a plea bargain after an indictment due to the persuasive defense that was offered before the grand jury.

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