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If you or a love one has been arrested or is about to be arrested you must immediately contact a reputable criminal law firm to act without delay. The NYPD understands that the sooner they get a confession, the sooner they get a positive identification and the sooner they "lock-in" witness testimony the more difficult it will be for a person accused of a crime to prevail. I am attorney Wilson A. LaFaurie, when I am called by a potential client I waste no time in doing the following:

1) Before or during the Arrest I call the arresting officer, detective and the supervising agent to notify NYPD that legal counsel has been retained. All questioning of my client must stop.

2) I fax a letter to the precinct repeating that counsel as been retained and that all interrogation must not continue. That if a line-up or identification procedure is going to take place I wish to be present so that the integrity is not compromised.

3) I negotiate and attempt to prevent the arrest from occurring.

4) Learn from law enforcement the evidence that is the basis for the probable cause.

5) Prepare my oral arguments for the purpose of getting the defendant a release on recognizance.

The arraignment and bail process is a crucial part of any criminal case. The outcome will determine whether you can go home after your court appearance or whether you will be forced to sit in jail for weeks while your case works its way through the court system. It is essential to be represented by an experienced lawyer.

I am criminal defense attorney Wilson LaFaurie. From my law office in Brooklyn, I represent clients at arraignments throughout the New York City area. My goal in any arraignment to negotiate low bail or no bail so you can go on with your life.

What Is an Arraignment?

At your arraignment, you will appear before a judge who will decide whether you can go free with a reasonable bail or no bail. To persuade a judge to allow you to go free, your attorney will need to provide evidence that you are a good person with responsibilities such as a job and a family. That evidence may include affidavits and other records that can convince a judge.

If you are allowed to go home after your arrest, you can continue to work to support yourself and your family. You will also be in a better position to assist with your defense against the criminal charges.

If you think you are facing arrest, you should contact an arraignment attorney before the arrest takes place. In several criminal cases, I have arranged to turn my client in and arrange bail at the same time. By planning your arraignment, you can avoid the embarrassment of having police show up at your home or place or work to arrest you. You could be in and out of court before your co-workers and neighbors even know you were arrested.

The factors that the judge will consider at arraignments are the following:

  • Bail and recommended for release
  • Family/friends appear in court
  • Employed/school history
  • U.S. citizen
  • Voluntarily surrender with attorney
  • Long-time resident of New York State
  • Proof of home or apartment

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