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Many clients who come to The Law Offices of Wilson A. LaFaurie are surprised when I describe myself as an old-fashioned lawyer. I don't look old-fashioned. However, in many ways, my approach is.

One thing that is old-fashioned about me is that I actually try cases. Today, very few attorneys do. Their goal is to resolve a case with a plea as quickly as possible, regardless if that is the best plea that can be negotiated and battled-tested. While I will do everything I can to resolve your case early, I am willing and able to try it if the prosecution is not reasonable.

I review, corroborate and examine each aspect of a client's case before the client's liberty and reputation are exposed. Shortcuts are not accepted by my law firm; it is the first step to failure in criminal litigation. I do not over-book or utilize secondhand lawyers at the expense of my reputation.

A Reputation As A Criminal Trial Lawyer

As a young prosecutor in Brooklyn and Kings County, I was put on the fast track and became the first assistant district attorney of my class to try a homicide case. During my three years as a prosecutor, I tried hundreds of cases, ranging from murder to drug charges. Today, I am in the top 5 percent of criminal defense lawyers in Brooklyn in terms of the number of cases I have tried.

My reputation as a criminal trial lawyer means that I often don't have to try the case. Prosecutors know that I am serious, and I believe this enables me to negotiate better outcomes for my clients. For more information about my background and experience, please see my profile below:

Taking A Hands-On Approach

I don't have an assistant or a junior attorney in my law office. I handle all of my cases personally from beginning to end. When you hire me, you get me, not another lawyer with less experience.

Smart clients would never accept an attorney who they did not personally hire. However, often that is exactly what transpires. For more than 20 years, I have personally handled every client who has hired me as their criminal defense lawyer. My firm does not have a standby substitute.

Many lawyers today talk to their incarcerated clients by videoconferencing. Instead, I go to Rikers Island and police precincts throughout the New York City area and meet my clients face-to-face. I feel that I need to get to know my clients as well as possible to plan their defense. Think about it: How would anyone be able to share the most intimate details of their lives over a video screen? Yet, many incarcerated individuals are faced with this exact scenario. Why? Because their lawyers are overbooked!

I also visit crime scenes. While I can find out everything the prosecution knows through discovery, I believe in old-fashioned legwork. Police usually investigate a crime until they have enough information to charge someone. From that point on, the system is geared to convict you. The system won't look for evidence that exonerates you. As your attorney, I will. I can share with you countless stories in which simply going to the crime scene exposed flaws in the prosecution's case.

Free Attorney Consultation

To discuss your case with an experienced Brooklyn criminal defense attorney, call me at 917-817-4142 or fill out the contact form on this website. Hablamos español.