Brooklyn Criminal Civil Rights Lawyer

Being arrested for a crime you did not commit is a humiliating event. If you are a victim of false arrest or another form of police misconduct, you may have a claim for damages against the city of New York.

I am attorney Wilson LaFaurie. As a criminal defense lawyer in Brooklyn who also handles cases in our civil court system, I often file civil damage suits against the police at the conclusion of my criminal cases. My first goal is to obtain an acquittal for my clients in the criminal case against them. My second goal, when my client was falsely charged or abused by police, is to help my client obtain compensation for the damages he or she has suffered.

I handle all types of police misconduct cases, including:

  • False arrest and unlawful detention
  • Use of excessive force by police officers, such as putting handcuffs on too tight or beating a suspect
  • Racial profiling by police
  • Personal injury suffered while in police custody
  • Police Brutality

Contingency Fee Representation

I handle cases for civil damages on a contingency fee basis. This means that you will not have to pay me any money up front. My fee, if I am successful, will be a percentage of your recovery. If I am not able to recover money for you, you will owe me nothing.

I successfully represented Samuel Velez and Nestor Alvarez in their civil case against the New York Police Department, the Marriott Hotel and Mr. Mike Tyson. My clients were arrested for menacing and harassing the ex-heavyweight boxing champion. After I obtained an acquittal for my clients against the criminal charges, I was able to obtain compensation for my clients from all three defendants in the civil case.

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