Skilled Manslaughter Defense Representation

Instead of murder charges, a prosecutor may sometimes decide to charge an individual with manslaughter based on the facts in the case and other extenuating circumstances. Even though manslaughter is technically a lesser charge that leaves a defendant facing lesser consequences than homicide, a manslaughter case should be taken very seriously.

These violent crime cases should be handled by an experienced criminal defense attorney like me, Wilson LaFaurie. At my Brooklyn firm, The Law Offices of Wilson A. LaFaurie, I provide aggressive manslaughter defense and defense in criminal law matters.

Felony Manslaughter Charges

All types of manslaughter charges, whether they are voluntary or involuntary, are considered felonies under New York law. Below are the types of charges and degrees that may be leveled in cases involving a death:

  • First- and second-degree manslaughter
  • First- and second-degree aggravated manslaughter
  • First- and second-degree vehicular manslaughter

The penalties for a conviction on a manslaughter charge depend on the degree and the type, but typically include the potential for some length of prison time.

Don't Agree To A Police Lineup Without Your Attorney Present

If you have been charged with murder, the first thing I would do as your attorney is call the police precinct and make sure you do not appear in a lineup without me being present. Eyewitness identification is notoriously inaccurate, and the tendency to make a false identification is much greater when police stack the deck against you by making you appear in a lineup with people who do not look like you.

Many experts have written books on these procedures, such as "Eyewitness Testimony" by Elizabeth F. Loftus, and "Witness for the Defense" by Elizabeth F. Loftus and Katherine Ketcham.

If I am with you at the police lineup, then I can get any identification thrown out before the arraignment or grand jury indictment.

Talk To Me About The Charges You Are Facing

Do not attempt to take on the prosecution by yourself in a manslaughter case. Call me today at 917-817-4142 to talk about your case with a skilled lawyer. I can also be reached through my online contact form. Se habla español.