Brooklyn Mortgage Fraud Defense Lawyer

People may commit mortgage fraud without even realizing it. Submitting inaccurate information on a mortgage application doesn't necessarily sound like a crime, and many home buyers may be tempted to exaggerate their true income in order to qualify for a larger mortgage. Nevertheless, such misrepresentation is considered white collar fraud, and a conviction can result in significant criminal penalties.

I am Wilson LaFaurie, a Brooklyn mortgage fraud defense attorney who represents a broad spectrum of clients facing fraud investigations and charges. A former assistant district attorney who handled fraud cases, I now utilize my 17 years of experience to defend loan applicants, homeowners and other individuals in matters involving:

  • Misrepresenting information about one's assets on a loan application
  • Fraudulently inflating the amount of one's salary or yearly earnings
  • Failing to disclose one's primary or secondary residence
  • Submitting any other false information on a loan application

Responding Swiftly and Strategically to the Charges Against You

Most mortgage fraud cases are investigated by the Financial Institution Fraud Unit of the FBI. One of the most common triggers for an investigation is a significant discrepancy on the loan applicant's documents.

In most cases, the federal government prefers to gather evidence secretly over a lengthy period of time, then secure an indictment and promptly arrest the suspect. By the time the suspect realizes anything is wrong, the government has usually already completed its investigation, which leaves the defendant little time to prepare to defend him- or herself.

As a highly knowledgeable fraud defense lawyer, I am fully prepared to take swift action to gather information, analyze the case against you and prepare a strong defense.

Free Consultation With a Mortgage Fraud Defense Attorney in Brooklyn

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