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Insurance fraud is sometimes perpetrated by extensive crime rings using highly complex schemes and tactics. Reuters news service reports that in February 2012:

"Three dozen people were charged with scheming to defraud automobile insurers out of more than $279 million in accident benefits, in a scheme said to involve doctors, lawyers and patients who were coached to fake injuries. Federal and New York City investigators said the defendants took part in a 'medical fraud mill' involving bogus clinics in and around New York City that billed insurers for unnecessary or nonexistent treatments."

Often, however, insurance fraud is committed by an average citizen who is in desperate financial straits and simply needs a little extra money to make ends meet. I am attorney Wilson LaFaurie, and as a Brooklyn insurance fraud lawyer with 17 years of experience, I understand how to handle a wide array of fraud-related cases. The knowledge I gained as a former assistant district attorney in New York also gives me extensive insight into how to craft an effective defense.

Common Types of Auto Insurance Fraud

A few examples of fraud involving automobile insurers include the following:

  • Claiming the car was stolen when it wasn't. Sometimes the value of a vehicle significantly decreases or the person who owns or is leasing the car can no longer afford it. In such cases, it can be tempting to have the car conveniently "disappear" and collect the insurance money.
  • Claiming the vehicle was damaged in an accident when it wasn't.
  • Claiming previous, unrelated damage to the car after a legitimate accident. Although only the fender was damaged in the accident, for instance, the policyholder may try to also get money for the window that was broken months earlier.

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