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Fraud is a white collar crime that carries serious consequences upon conviction. Many people who are charged with fraud are skilled professionals, such as accountants, stock brokers and tax professionals. When faced with a fraud accusation, these professionals are at risk of tarnishing their reputations, losing important business opportunities and being incarcerated. As your attorney, I devote my time, energy and resources to minimizing these serious consequences.

If you have been charged with, arrested for or are under investigation for a white collar crime such as fraud, I can protect your rights. I am Brooklyn fraud charges attorney Wilson LaFaurie. I am dedicated to building a strong defense on behalf of people facing fraud charges.

Skilled New York City White Collar Crimes Attorney

Many types of fraud are considered federal crimes. As a New York City white collar crimes lawyer, I have significant knowledge of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines. These guidelines are harsh, and prosecutors have been known to pile on very strict penalties.

If convicted of fraud, you can face a lengthy incarceration period and significant fines. The full effect of these punishments goes beyond jail time and restitution, threatening your career and your ability to earn an income. When your rights, freedom and future are on the line, my law firm is prepared to defend you.

My criminal defense law firm defends people against all types of fraud charges, including:

As a former assistant district attorney in Kings County and Brooklyn, I used to prosecute fraud cases. As your defense attorney, I use the knowledge I gained as a prosecutor to provide comprehensive legal services that anticipate the behavior of the other side. I commit to fully investigating your case, preparing for trial and vigorously protecting your rights. I do not take any shortcuts.

Proactively Protecting Your Rights

When it comes to fraud cases, it is especially important that you seek legal help as early in the process as possible. If you believe that you are under investigation for fraud, contact my law office immediately. I will work proactively to limit the charges you may be facing and to prepare an effective defense.

It is a common mistake for those accused of fraud or other white collar crimes to speak to authorities immediately, hoping to "clear up" any misunderstandings. This is often a mistake, however, and can easily give rise to statements that will later be used against you. Before you speak to authorities, speak to me first. The sooner I become involved in your defense, the more effective I can be.

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