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As the war on drugs goes on, many people get caught in the middle. A street peddler of crack cocaine can face four-and-one-half to nine years in prison for a $10 sale. A college student arrested for possession of cocaine can end up with a permanent criminal record, making it much harder to find a good job in the future. An immigrant arrested on felony drug charges can face deportation.

I am criminal defense attorney Wilson LaFaurie. Don't let a drug arrest prevent you from having a good future. From my law office in Brooklyn, I represent clients throughout the New York City area who face charges for possession or sales of marijuana, cocaine, crack, meth, heroin and controlled prescription drugs.

The key to dealing with any drug charges is to contact an experienced defense attorney as soon as possible.

Defenses in Drug Cases

As a former assistant district attorney in Kings County and Brooklyn, I used to prosecute drug cases. I understand the process police go through to plan and make an arrest. An undercover officer usually makes the buy on the street. As the person who is arrested, you won't even see the ghost, who watches from a distance and will one day testify about what he observed.

The witnesses in drug cases are usually police officers, which I think makes the case weaker for the prosecution. Many jurors are skeptical when a police officer testifies. As an attorney who is experienced in drug cases from both a prosecutor and a defense point of view, I know when something doesn't smell right with the state's case. This often allows me to negotiate a favorable plea or to fight the charges before a grand jury.

If you are arrested for a possession of a small quantity of drugs such as a bag of marijuana, my goal as your attorney would be to enroll you in a drug program which could result in a dismissal of the charges and a sealing of your arrest record. Once your record is sealed, it's as if the arrest never happened.

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