Brooklyn Domestic Violence Courts

The state of New York has created special courts designed to handle domestic abuse cases exclusively. Brooklyn domestic violence courts and other Integrated Domestic Violence (IDV) courts located throughout the city operate differently than other criminal courts. Having legal counsel in your corner who understands these courts is essential to reaching a successful resolution of your domestic abuse issue.

I am New York criminal defense attorney Wilson LaFaurie. As a former criminal prosecutor, I bring a unique perspective to the defense of my clients. I understand how these cases are built and tried, and I understand how to protect your rights with the strongest possible defense. If you are facing domestic abuse charges, make sure you get strong legal representation before talking with the police or prosecutors.

Experienced Guidance Through the Domestic Violence Court Process

One of the first courts that was established to exclusively handle domestic abuse cases was the Felony Domestic Violence Court in Brooklyn. Established in 1996, this court prosecuted domestic violence cases and handled restraining orders. I worked as a prosecutor in this court, and I have since gone on to successfully defend more than 1,200 clients against domestic abuse and related charges.

Since 1996, the state of New York has gone on to establish more than 40 domestic violence courts. The amount of resources that New York has devoted to these courts makes it more important than ever to retain a lawyer who understands how to prepare a strong defense. Cases in these courts can get complicated quickly, which can be frustrating and confusing to inexperienced lawyers or to those who do not practice regularly within this hybrid civil/criminal court system. As someone who has worked on both sides of the table, I understand how to build a strong defense against these charges.

Call for a Free Consultation With a Brooklyn Heights Attorney Handling Domestic Abuse Cases

Courts that are dedicated to handling domestic violence charges can be overwhelming to inexperienced lawyers. When so much is at stake, retaining qualified legal representation is essential. Contact me, a Brooklyn domestic violence defense attorney, online or call 917-817-4142 to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your situation. Hablamos Español.