Brooklyn Desk Appearance Ticket Lawyer

Don't Take a Desk Appearance Ticket Lightly — You Have Been Arrested

In New York, receiving a desk appearance ticket (DAT) means that you have legally been arrested. It is an order to appear in court and respond to the accusation against you. Because individuals are not handcuffed during this type of arrest, many people confuse a DAT with a mere traffic ticket and assume that the DAT does not really matter. It does. You will still be facing the same potential consequences for a conviction — usually up to a year in jail — as you would if you were arrested in any other way.

In most cases, desk appearance tickets are reserved for nonviolent misdemeanor charges, which may include:

  • Petty larceny or shoplifting
  • Marijuana possession
  • Jumping a turnstile
  • Property damage
  • Graffiti
  • Harassment
  • Weapons possession at New York airports

I am attorney Wilson LaFaurie, a New York DAT lawyer with 17 years of legal experience. A former assistant district attorney in Kings County and Brooklyn, I know what it takes to successfully combat the charges against my clients.

The Importance of Retaining Your Own Lawyer Right Away

If you wait for the court to assign you a legal aid attorney or public defender, you may end up significantly decreasing your chances of a positive outcome. In most cases, you will not actually appear in court or meet the public defender until weeks after you receive the desk appearance ticket. By that time, important evidence in your favor may have disappeared. You need someone who can take swift action on your behalf to:

  • Obtain copies of any videos of the alleged crime scene
  • Interview any witnesses to the alleged crime
  • Carefully and thoroughly review your case and prepare a strong defense
  • Offer the one-on-one attention you deserve

Free Consultation With a Skilled New York DAT Defense Attorney

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