License Suspension in New York

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If you have been accused of drunk driving in New York, you face a number of serious penalties, including heavy fines and possible jail time. One of the most disruptive penalties is license suspension or revocation, which is mandatory in all drunk driving cases.

The loss of one's license represents a significant loss of freedom, limiting your ability to get to work, visit family and friends, and provide transportation to your children. If you have been accused of a drug crime, it is important that you work with a skilled criminal defense attorney who can help you limit or eliminate these consequences.

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Suspension Vs. Revocation

Driver's license suspension and revocation are two very different concepts. If your license is suspended, it is treated as invalid for the duration of the suspension. At the end of the suspension period, it can easily be reinstated by paying a small fee.

License revocation is more serious. If your license is revoked, it no longer exists — it has been canceled. At the end of the revocation period, you may pay a fee and request a new license. The DMV will then examine your record to determine whether you are eligible for reinstatement.


All drunk driving offenses in New York call for a mandatory suspension or revocation. These are minimums — longer suspensions or revocations can be ordered under certain circumstances.

  • DWI: Revoked for six months
  • DWAI-Alcohol: Suspended for 90 days
  • DWAI-Drugs: Suspended for six months
  • DWAI-Combination: Revoked for six months
  • Aggravated DWI: Revoked for one year
  • Zero Tolerance Law: Suspended for six months
  • Chemical test refusal: Revoked for one year

These durations are sharply increased for those convicted of multiple drunk driving offenses.

Conditional Licenses

If your license has been suspended or revoked, you may be eligible to receive a conditional license which would enable you to legally drive a vehicle under certain circumstances. Generally, these licenses are used to enable the driver to get to and from work.

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