New York Blood Alcohol Content Limit

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State law sets a number of strict limits on the blood alcohol content of drivers in New York. In addition to the .08 percent limit that most drivers are familiar with, there are several other important regulations that all motorists in our state should be aware of. Breaking any of New York's drunk driving laws has severe consequences, including license suspension, heavy fines and even jail time.

If you have been accused of drunk driving in New York, it is important that you take action to protect your reputation and your freedom. I am Wilson LaFaurie, a Brooklyn-based attorney with more than 17 years of experience handling criminal cases. I can help you face the charges that have been made against you.

BAC Limits

There are several different drunk driving laws on the books, and each comes with a different blood alcohol limit.

  • Driving While Intoxicated: DWI charges are applicable if the driver registers .08 percent BAC or higher. For commercial drivers, this limit is lowered to .04 percent.
  • Driving While Ability Impaired by Alcohol: This charge can be applied if the driver registers between .05 and .07 BAC.
  • Zero Tolerance Law: New York has a zero tolerance law for drunk driving among younger motorists. Drivers who are under 21 and have a BAC of .02 or higher are in violation.
  • Aggravated Driving While Intoxicated: A serious charge, aggravated DWI is applicable if the driver registers above .18 percent BAC.

Many drivers assume that if they blow above these limits, it is impossible to defend against the charges. There are a many things a skilled defense lawyer can do to assist those accused of drunk driving, however. Under certain circumstances, it may be possible to negotiate for a lesser penalty or even have the charges dismissed altogether.

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