Aggressively Defending Credit Card Fraud And Identity Theft Charges

Many types of theft and fraud have become more common with the advancement of technology. Entering identification information and credit card numbers online open people up to fraud. As a result, law enforcement officials are becoming more aggressive in the pursuit of charges against individuals who are accused of credit card fraud and identity theft.

If you are facing accusations of or formal charges regarding credit card fraud or identity theft, I can help. At The Law Offices of Wilson A. LaFaurie in Brooklyn, I am dedicated to helping my criminal defense clients stand up for their rights. Many credit card fraud and identity theft cases in New York involve technology and can become very complicated. When necessary, I will enlist experts and professionals who can provide insight and information that can help us construct an aggressive, comprehensive defense on your behalf.

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Any unauthorized use of a credit card is considered fraud. However, depending on the amount, you may be charged with a felony or a misdemeanor. The higher the amount of the fraudulent activity as well as the higher the number of cards that were fraudulently used, the greater the punishments a defendant is facing.

Experienced Lawyer Handling Identity Theft Defense

Whether you are accused of stealing someone's Social Security number and using it to open accounts, or you are accused of impersonating another person for financial gain, identity theft is a form of fraud. Even if you have a plausible explanation for the identity problems, prosecutors will come at you with all they have to ensure you are punished if convicted.

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