Brooklyn Federal Drug Crimes Attorney

If you are facing federal charges, you need an attorney who will not take any shortcuts when building your defense. Even as a first-time offender, you can face jail time. As your defense attorney, I commit fully to building a solid defense, preparing for trial and ultimately securing the best possible outcome given the charges you face.

I am Brooklyn federal drug crimes lawyer Wilson LaFaurie. Prior to becoming a defense attorney, I prosecuted federal crimes as an assistant district attorney in Kings County and Brooklyn. If you have been charged with, arrested for or are under investigation for a federal offense, you can turn to my law firm with confidence.

New York City Weapons Crimes Lawyer Handling Many Federal Crimes

As a New York City weapons crimes attorney, I defend people facing weapons crimes and other types of federal crimes. Talk to me today about any of the following:

  • Federal drug crimes involving controlled substances, illegal narcotics, prescription drugs, unlawful possession, drug distributing, drug transporting, drug manufacturing, drug sales and drug trafficking
  • Federal weapons charges
  • Violent crimes
  • White collar crimes, including fraud
  • Theft crimes
  • Embezzlement
  • Extortion
  • Perjury/obstruction of justice

Consequences of a Conviction on a Federal Charge

If convicted on federal charges, you could face serious jail time, even as a first-time offender. Since there is no probation in the federal court system, you could face several years in a federal penitentiary for a crime that would be probational in the New York state justice system

I understand the serious impact federal charges can have on your rights, freedom and future. I can use a tried-and-true method to build an effective defense on your behalf.

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